Oled sündinud aastal 1989? Tee lühike video ja võida TASUTA reis Berliini! 12.09.2014
25 aastat Berliini müüri langemisest – oled sündinud aastal 1989? Tee lühike video ja võida TASUTA reis Berliini! Tähtaeg on 15. septembri südaöösel.


#WallFall25 – Berlin conference for Europeans born in 1989 – apply now!

Walls are frontiers set in stone. Built to last forever. Forever? Not in 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down – in one night only. The fall of the Berlin wall was an important step towards German reunification, but also towards European integration. To commemorate the event, the German Representation of the European Commission, the Information Office of the European Parliament in Berlin and European Movement Germany are initiating a debate on the past, present and future of Europe,omega replica watches which will take place on Sunday, 2 November.


We are inviting 28 young Europeans born in 1989, one from each EU member state, to spend a weekend in Berlin together and to discuss their visions for the future of Europe. They will try to establish a list of ideas and will discuss them with high-level representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. All travel and accommodation costs will be covered.


You want to be a part of it? All you’ve got to do is answer our question ”Which walls are still to be torn down across Europe?” in a short video and upload it to our Vimeo group #WallFall25 before 15 September 2014 at midnight. Don’t forget to also send your CV to wallfall25@netzwerk-ebd.de, adding copy to info@noorteportaal.ee


The competition is open to all Europeans born in 1989 who speak fluent English and are eager to shape Europe.  


You need inspiration? Have a look at our call for participation video: https://vimeo.com/groups/262339

Further info on the project at ec.europa.eu/deutschland/wallfall25_de.htm.


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